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ARX-7 Arbalest -Alter Version-

for those who wants to buy a mecha figure, Alter is going to release a new mecha figure… Arx-7 Arbalest

A Mecha piloted by Sergeant Sagara Sousuke in the Anime “Full Metal Panic!” and “Full Metal Panic – The Second Raid”

This mecha is made by a Mercenary Organization named “Mithril” which Sgt. Sagara Sousuke sided

i won’t say no more, because it could be a Spoiler for those who haven’t watched FMP

more picture of this figure

with it’s Weaponry

And when Arbalest was Activating Lambda Drive


The detail is SUPERB IMO

as expected from Alter, their creation makes people wants to buy it..

i Highly Reccomend this figure for those who whant to buy a Mecha Figure…

but then again, Great details comes with Great Price…

Price : 13,440円

more details can be foundHere

i Also want to buy this figure…

but seeing the Price so high…..

i can only say…..

USO DAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..

how about you guys?


Vocaloid 03 Megurine Luka

Megurine Luka

Megurine Luka

a new vocaloid is been released :D, named Megurine Luka

this vocaloid  is voiced by Asakawa Yuu,
She can sing in both Japanese and English.

for her Demo song :



more info about her :

She is 20 years old.
She is 162cm/5.4ft tall.
She weighs around 45kg/100lbs.
Music genre preference includes Latin Jazz~Ethnic Pop and House Dance Electronica.
Favorite Tempo: 65~145 BPM.
Favorite Vocal Range: D3~D5.
Luka’s Vocaloid item of association is, frozen tuna「冷凍マグロ」.

i like her design, long haired…. and pinked colored

her voice is also nice, i’ll be expecting more jazz music from her 😀

so, what do you guys think?

Japanese Animation Festival 2008


The events are:
1. Free screening 15 titles Teen Animation TV program
2. Cosplay, Seminar and Workshop
3. Shin-chan coloring competition

Anime title list:
1. Crystal Blaze
2. Bamboo Blade
3. Dragonaut: The Resonance
4. Last Exile
5. Gankutsou
6. Shakugan no Shana
7. Keitai Sousakan 7
8. Vampire Knight
9. Mujin Wakusei Survive
10. Allison and Lilia
11. Telepathy Shoujo Ran Jiken Note
12. Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji
13. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
14. Top Secret ~The Revelation~
15. Real Drive

The location is of course, Blitz Megaplex.

hmm… i’ll try to attend to this event

i’m interested on watching Bamboo Blade and Shakugan no Shana again 😀
Anyone wanna go there?


there’s some changes around this event (;;^_^)

due to some circumstance they have, the off air event  switch places to Plaza Semanggi

Start: Dec 20, ’08 1:00p
End: Dec 20, ’08 6:00p
Location: Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta

because the Cosplay event is an off air event, it  switch place to Plaza Semanggi, @ the same date, 20th December


13:00 – 15:30  O ‘clock:
– Parade Cosplay & Foto Session around Plaza Semanggi

16:00 – 18:00  O’clock:
– Perform @ the stage  & Judge’s Judgement
– The Winner’s Announcement


* to Ferdi di 0816-1172746 or send an email to (use the title “Daftar Cosplay JAF”)
* Registry Fee : Rp. 25.000
* Registry is cloed @ 18 December 2008
* Daftar Ulang & On The Spot di hari H jam 12:00 – 15:00


* Fitting Room  & a place to deposit your stuff
* Security


Total = Rp. 5jt


Screening 15 animation film is still aired  @ Blitz, Grand Indonesia. @ 20th – 21th December 2008.

15 Hot Titles :
Glass Maiden, Bamboo Blade, Dragonaut, Last Exile, Gankutsuou, The Red Eyed Shana, KEITAKA SOUSAKAN 7 / PHONE BRAVER 7, Vampire Knight, Planet Survival, Allison & Lillia, The Telepath Girl, Kaiji Ultimate Survivor, Neuro Supernatural Detective, The Top Secret – Revelations, Real Drive.

* Rundown On Air JAF has not been accepted by  Komutoku
* More info around ON AIR JAF hubungi CP dari IMMG : Ayu (021) 32497232, (021) 7183311

Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi

Gundam 00 Second season OP got released yesterday

sung by UVERworld

gotta say, this is one of the best single i’ve heard this month..,

and i just realized that D-technolife is UVERworld’s 1st single (O_o)

you can Download Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi from here

if you like it, leave a comment…

Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi

Toki wo Kizamu Uta / Torch


Clannad After Story’s OP ED, sung by Lia

I liked the first season’s OP ED, but this one is good too ( ^_^)

you can download it from here

Toki wo Kizamu Uta


Nanaya Shiki


As Requested i’ll be trying to review Nanaya Shiki 😀

Nanaya Shiki in MBAC is one of the dangeroust character in MBAC IMO

Ground Attack

for start, try to master Nanaya’s A button Attack, his A is one of the fastet A in MBAC

his 5A attack can be a great Anti-Air attack, because his A point upward (usually, they point forward or downward, Example : Arcueid=Brunestud, Tohno Shiki,  Aozaki Aoko, Shion Eltnam Etc)

i usually use 2A for an opening to enter my Combos and AJT (Air Juggle Throw)

5B is good to use when your clashing hits with your enemy

i don’t think using 5BB is a good idea, it doesn’t have great effect, infact it’s delay can be a great opportunity for the enemy to enter their combo, but it’s 5B[B] can be pretty useful

2B is a fast poking attack, it can be useful to be an opening or an continuing attack for your combo

Nanaya’s 5C is almost the same as 2B, but it has a great range and deals a great damage

2C is a Sliding attack, it proves to be a useful opening attack for AJT 😀

Air Attack

Nanaya’s 9A attack is VERY Useful, besides it’s range, it’s very fast

his 9B covers a decent amount of space in the air

and his 9C is the longest range attack he have in the air, and deals a great damage too

use this for an opening on your combo, it can deals damage around 4000 damage


236A, Nanaya does a Multiple slash, for a short time

214A, nanaya dash quickly, and cut his opponent from the air

623A, nanaya kick’s to the air

22A, he just do a Normal dash

236B, it’s the same as 236A, but it has longger time and more hits

214B, nanaya dash quickly and slash forward

623B, i’s the same as 623A, but it has more hits

22B, Nanaya dash and appear in the air int he exact place he was before

236C, Special, the same as 236A/B, more Hits

214C, nanaya dash, and does a Throw

623C, Special, the same as 623A/B, more Hits

22C, nanaya pretended that he wanted to dash

Arc Drive


Nanaya’s Arc Drive is the dangeroust Arc Drive in MBAC, Especially it’s Another Arc Drive

it’s almost impossible to dodge his Another Arc Drive

note : to activeate Arc Drive, you must either be in Heat mode or Blood Heat mode


Nanaya doesn’t have many Combos IMO

for start , try to use 2AA 2B 2C 236C

be careful if you changed the last one into 623C, you can either hit the enemy or get hitted, i suggest you go for defense

if your used to it, try this : 2AA 2B 2C 5C 9BC 9BC T(A+D)

for a greater damage, try using 9C as the opening

9C 2AA 2B 2C 5C 9BC 9BC T(A+D)

or you can changed the 5C into 5B

if you’r used to use 5BB here’s the AJT combo :

5BB 9B 9B T(A+D)

or use 5BB 9C 9BC T(A+D)

there are also combo’s that can be connected to the Arc Drive

2AA 2B 1C 41236C

for this combo i suggest you to use the Another Arc Drive

use nanaya’s 214A/B/C wisely, if you use it in the correct time, it can fooled the enemy, otherwise, it can be an opening for the enemy to enter their combo

well, that’s it for now….

tell me what’s opinion about these review ( ^_^)

Melty Blood Act Cadenza


for those who like playing Fighting game i reccomend you to play this game

this fighting game is adapted from Type-moon’s Visual Novel “Tsukihime” (月姫)

@ first this game was released for PC by the name Melty Blood Re-act, then it was converted for PS2, but the very last version of this game was Melty Blood Ver.B and it was released for PC

for start i’ll be giving some tutorial, i got the tutorial from my friend (^_^)


the number indicates the input of direction that taken from p1 sides
that means 236 is equal to quarter circle forward, number 5
is neutral stance

A,B,C = attack button from the weakest to strongest

D = shield

a+b = dash

4a+b = back dash

2a+B = evasion

A+B+C = activate heat mode

A+D = Ex-Shield (when you’re closed to your enemy, it change into Throw)

jc = jump cancel. cutting the recovery frame of any jc-ed moves into imediate jump. can be done if the attack was connect/blocked

djc = similar to jc, but this was done after a jump (Aoko has triple jump cancel =|)

ad = air dash, press 66 on mid air(Aoko has Double air dash)

iad = instant air dash, the input is 96 don’t scroll, tap it

sj = super jump, the input is 19

Shield Bunker = 214D the purpose of this moves is to get out of
pressure/block string and best used on block stun fur a guaranteed
counter attack

Shield Bunker Cancel = similar to shield bunker but instead of
the normal SB attack it give us an option to cancel it into any special
that must be excuted at the exact 1 frame after the sb connect for
instance 214d,c for Sacchin will give her a “Punch in the Face” super .
for more complicated moves like arc drives or different movement set
the sb command must be buffered so the input will be 2141236D,C for Arc
Drives Shield Bunker Cancel

Arc Drive : A special attack, to activate it you must be in Heat or Blood Heat Mode, the input command is 41236C (from P1’s side)


[X] = the brackets mean to hold x button accordingly
]X[ = the brackets mean to release x button (rarely used on MB for holding buttons has auto activation)
OTG = Of The Ground. it tells the attack should connect when the target
was knocked down to the floor

this game can also be played online, with the newest patch (for now ver,1.03A) and an MBcaster

that’s it for now

next time i’ll be trying to review the character ( ^_^)

so… have you played it?