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Melty Blood Actress Again for PS2!


Melty Blood Actress Again

Melty Blood Actress Again

Melty Blood ActressAgain #2

Melty Blood ActressAgain #2

Melty Blood Actress Again will be converted into PS2……
fot those who did not know what this is Sequel From Melty Blood Act Cadenza

there will be a couple of changes from the previous game….
the changes is….
1. there will be 3 type of movement for each character
– Full Moon
– Cresent Moon
– Half Moon

2. There will be a defense bar that indicates how much damage can you take while defensing against opponent’s attack

3. A wider area

and there’s another thing to note…….
there will be an extra character for this game……
for those who have sharp etes….. see the screenshot on the right (for MBAA section)











RYOHGI SHIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was so excited when i heard MBAA will be ported to PS2…..
but when i heard Ryohgi Shiki will be on this game too……
ORGASM! (sry if i’m exaggerating)

Definitely a MUST PLAY game for me……
o yeah, this game will be released on august
be sure to play this game 😀

here’s the official website

Official Website

Edit :

got a clearer picture for the MBAA section 😀

add a Link for the official Website for PS2 version 😀


Ar Tonelico II Melody of Metafalica

Ar Tonelico II USA version got released @ 20th january (FYI the japanese version is released @ 25th October 2007)

almost everything is the same just like the first game

but the battle system is different

in this game, you have two phase when you are fighting

1st is attack phase, in this phase, player can attack the enemy until the time runs out, so does when you wants your rayvetail to attack

2nd is Defend Phase, you must protect your rayvetail by hitting the button @ the right time

for those who like playing Ar Tonelico, now it’s your chance to play the second one, Buy/Download it right away!! d(=w=)b

but for those who wants to hear the Japanese Seiyuu, i suggest you to download it’s Undub version

it’s the same just like the USA Version, but the USA version cut some of the Japanese Dialogue (;;=w=)a”

in the undub versionm, the problem is fixed

for those who wants to download the undub version,you can find the Torrent here

Ar Tonelico II

Enjoy 😀

Nanaya Shiki


As Requested i’ll be trying to review Nanaya Shiki 😀

Nanaya Shiki in MBAC is one of the dangeroust character in MBAC IMO

Ground Attack

for start, try to master Nanaya’s A button Attack, his A is one of the fastet A in MBAC

his 5A attack can be a great Anti-Air attack, because his A point upward (usually, they point forward or downward, Example : Arcueid=Brunestud, Tohno Shiki,  Aozaki Aoko, Shion Eltnam Etc)

i usually use 2A for an opening to enter my Combos and AJT (Air Juggle Throw)

5B is good to use when your clashing hits with your enemy

i don’t think using 5BB is a good idea, it doesn’t have great effect, infact it’s delay can be a great opportunity for the enemy to enter their combo, but it’s 5B[B] can be pretty useful

2B is a fast poking attack, it can be useful to be an opening or an continuing attack for your combo

Nanaya’s 5C is almost the same as 2B, but it has a great range and deals a great damage

2C is a Sliding attack, it proves to be a useful opening attack for AJT 😀

Air Attack

Nanaya’s 9A attack is VERY Useful, besides it’s range, it’s very fast

his 9B covers a decent amount of space in the air

and his 9C is the longest range attack he have in the air, and deals a great damage too

use this for an opening on your combo, it can deals damage around 4000 damage


236A, Nanaya does a Multiple slash, for a short time

214A, nanaya dash quickly, and cut his opponent from the air

623A, nanaya kick’s to the air

22A, he just do a Normal dash

236B, it’s the same as 236A, but it has longger time and more hits

214B, nanaya dash quickly and slash forward

623B, i’s the same as 623A, but it has more hits

22B, Nanaya dash and appear in the air int he exact place he was before

236C, Special, the same as 236A/B, more Hits

214C, nanaya dash, and does a Throw

623C, Special, the same as 623A/B, more Hits

22C, nanaya pretended that he wanted to dash

Arc Drive


Nanaya’s Arc Drive is the dangeroust Arc Drive in MBAC, Especially it’s Another Arc Drive

it’s almost impossible to dodge his Another Arc Drive

note : to activeate Arc Drive, you must either be in Heat mode or Blood Heat mode


Nanaya doesn’t have many Combos IMO

for start , try to use 2AA 2B 2C 236C

be careful if you changed the last one into 623C, you can either hit the enemy or get hitted, i suggest you go for defense

if your used to it, try this : 2AA 2B 2C 5C 9BC 9BC T(A+D)

for a greater damage, try using 9C as the opening

9C 2AA 2B 2C 5C 9BC 9BC T(A+D)

or you can changed the 5C into 5B

if you’r used to use 5BB here’s the AJT combo :

5BB 9B 9B T(A+D)

or use 5BB 9C 9BC T(A+D)

there are also combo’s that can be connected to the Arc Drive

2AA 2B 1C 41236C

for this combo i suggest you to use the Another Arc Drive

use nanaya’s 214A/B/C wisely, if you use it in the correct time, it can fooled the enemy, otherwise, it can be an opening for the enemy to enter their combo

well, that’s it for now….

tell me what’s opinion about these review ( ^_^)

Melty Blood Act Cadenza


for those who like playing Fighting game i reccomend you to play this game

this fighting game is adapted from Type-moon’s Visual Novel “Tsukihime” (月姫)

@ first this game was released for PC by the name Melty Blood Re-act, then it was converted for PS2, but the very last version of this game was Melty Blood Ver.B and it was released for PC

for start i’ll be giving some tutorial, i got the tutorial from my friend (^_^)


the number indicates the input of direction that taken from p1 sides
that means 236 is equal to quarter circle forward, number 5
is neutral stance

A,B,C = attack button from the weakest to strongest

D = shield

a+b = dash

4a+b = back dash

2a+B = evasion

A+B+C = activate heat mode

A+D = Ex-Shield (when you’re closed to your enemy, it change into Throw)

jc = jump cancel. cutting the recovery frame of any jc-ed moves into imediate jump. can be done if the attack was connect/blocked

djc = similar to jc, but this was done after a jump (Aoko has triple jump cancel =|)

ad = air dash, press 66 on mid air(Aoko has Double air dash)

iad = instant air dash, the input is 96 don’t scroll, tap it

sj = super jump, the input is 19

Shield Bunker = 214D the purpose of this moves is to get out of
pressure/block string and best used on block stun fur a guaranteed
counter attack

Shield Bunker Cancel = similar to shield bunker but instead of
the normal SB attack it give us an option to cancel it into any special
that must be excuted at the exact 1 frame after the sb connect for
instance 214d,c for Sacchin will give her a “Punch in the Face” super .
for more complicated moves like arc drives or different movement set
the sb command must be buffered so the input will be 2141236D,C for Arc
Drives Shield Bunker Cancel

Arc Drive : A special attack, to activate it you must be in Heat or Blood Heat Mode, the input command is 41236C (from P1’s side)


[X] = the brackets mean to hold x button accordingly
]X[ = the brackets mean to release x button (rarely used on MB for holding buttons has auto activation)
OTG = Of The Ground. it tells the attack should connect when the target
was knocked down to the floor

this game can also be played online, with the newest patch (for now ver,1.03A) and an MBcaster

that’s it for now

next time i’ll be trying to review the character ( ^_^)

so… have you played it?