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New Anime Series (Spring 2009)

a couple of new anime will be release this april

IMO all the anime in this spring is all good ^_^

a couple of  it already have it’s PV spreaded

Senjou no Valkyria (Valkyria Chronicles)


Pandora Hearts


Asura Cryin`

Queens Blade [WARNING!! PG-18]


i hope there’s no lolwutt anime in this season…..

i’m waiting for almost all the anime in this month :3

hope their all good….


Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuutsu


if Shana got his “-tan” version

now it’s time for haruhi to get his “-tan” version

i kinda doubt that this info were real, but after seeing a scanlation from “Newtype” Magazine

Suzumiya haruhi-tan no Yuutsu

and after checking the Official Website

Official website

even Nyoron Churuya-san become Official lol 😀

i think this one is for real 😀

[MAD] even create a video of it

not much information i can give in this section

the anime is still TBA

are you guys waiting for this anime too?

Update :

The Official Website just got an update

if  i am correct, this anime will be release @ 13th February 😀

Chaos; Head

There’s a lot of new anime in this season…..

i’ll start with Chaos; Head

this is an anime adapted from a Visual novel by Nitro+
A story about a guy named Nishijou Takumi (西條 拓巳), who is actually an Otaku (and a Nijikon)
who got involved in a murder case because of a picture showed by his friend

overall i think this anime is good
i have high hope for this anime ( ^_^)

ow, FYI this anime is a bit Gore

さすが Nitro+…..