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Ar Tonelico II Melody of Metafalica

Ar Tonelico II USA version got released @ 20th january (FYI the japanese version is released @ 25th October 2007)

almost everything is the same just like the first game

but the battle system is different

in this game, you have two phase when you are fighting

1st is attack phase, in this phase, player can attack the enemy until the time runs out, so does when you wants your rayvetail to attack

2nd is Defend Phase, you must protect your rayvetail by hitting the button @ the right time

for those who like playing Ar Tonelico, now it’s your chance to play the second one, Buy/Download it right away!! d(=w=)b

but for those who wants to hear the Japanese Seiyuu, i suggest you to download it’s Undub version

it’s the same just like the USA Version, but the USA version cut some of the Japanese Dialogue (;;=w=)a”

in the undub versionm, the problem is fixed

for those who wants to download the undub version,you can find the Torrent here

Ar Tonelico II

Enjoy 😀


Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuutsu


if Shana got his “-tan” version

now it’s time for haruhi to get his “-tan” version

i kinda doubt that this info were real, but after seeing a scanlation from “Newtype” Magazine

Suzumiya haruhi-tan no Yuutsu

and after checking the Official Website

Official website

even Nyoron Churuya-san become Official lol 😀

i think this one is for real 😀

[MAD] even create a video of it

not much information i can give in this section

the anime is still TBA

are you guys waiting for this anime too?

Update :

The Official Website just got an update

if  i am correct, this anime will be release @ 13th February 😀

ARX-7 Arbalest -Alter Version-

for those who wants to buy a mecha figure, Alter is going to release a new mecha figure… Arx-7 Arbalest

A Mecha piloted by Sergeant Sagara Sousuke in the Anime “Full Metal Panic!” and “Full Metal Panic – The Second Raid”

This mecha is made by a Mercenary Organization named “Mithril” which Sgt. Sagara Sousuke sided

i won’t say no more, because it could be a Spoiler for those who haven’t watched FMP

more picture of this figure

with it’s Weaponry

And when Arbalest was Activating Lambda Drive


The detail is SUPERB IMO

as expected from Alter, their creation makes people wants to buy it..

i Highly Reccomend this figure for those who whant to buy a Mecha Figure…

but then again, Great details comes with Great Price…

Price : 13,440円

more details can be foundHere

i Also want to buy this figure…

but seeing the Price so high…..

i can only say…..

USO DAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..

how about you guys?

Vocaloid 03 Megurine Luka

Megurine Luka

Megurine Luka

a new vocaloid is been released :D, named Megurine Luka

this vocaloid  is voiced by Asakawa Yuu,
She can sing in both Japanese and English.

for her Demo song :



more info about her :

She is 20 years old.
She is 162cm/5.4ft tall.
She weighs around 45kg/100lbs.
Music genre preference includes Latin Jazz~Ethnic Pop and House Dance Electronica.
Favorite Tempo: 65~145 BPM.
Favorite Vocal Range: D3~D5.
Luka’s Vocaloid item of association is, frozen tuna「冷凍マグロ」.

i like her design, long haired…. and pinked colored

her voice is also nice, i’ll be expecting more jazz music from her 😀

so, what do you guys think?