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Aoi Hana

Another song just got released today

this time it’s Casshern Sins OP

sung by Color Bottle

Aoi Hana can be Download from Here

Another Good Song for a great anime ( ^_^)

too bad i didn’t got the chance to watch 1st season ;;^^



Chaos; Head OP F.D.D has just got released

OP sung by Itou Kanako

I like this song ( ^_^)

Fly to the Sky isn’t bad either (^_^)

F.D.D can be download from Here

Indonesia – Japan Expo

for those who wanted to go to a japan festival & live in Indonesia (Jakarta) You guys are in luck

There will be a japan festival @ kemayoran starting from 1st to 9th november

They have a lot of contest in there, such as Miku Miku Dance (it’s Actually Bararaika :P), Para Para, Cosplay, Cabaret, etc.

for more info you can check the website :

anyone wanna come? ( ^_^)

Chaos; Head

There’s a lot of new anime in this season…..

i’ll start with Chaos; Head

this is an anime adapted from a Visual novel by Nitro+
A story about a guy named Nishijou Takumi (西條 拓巳), who is actually an Otaku (and a Nijikon)
who got involved in a murder case because of a picture showed by his friend

overall i think this anime is good
i have high hope for this anime ( ^_^)

ow, FYI this anime is a bit Gore

さすが Nitro+…..